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Introductory video Kintex 2020

Kintex Conference 2020 Video Library

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Section 1: Reflections on and Vision for the Unity of Sciences

Dr. Andrew Wilson (USA)- The Unity of Religion and Science in Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Founding Vision for ICUS

Dr. Yoshimitsu Nishikawa (Japan)- Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s International Highway-Undersea Tunnel Project and its Modern-day Significance

Dr. William Keepin (USA)- Uniting Natural and Esoteric Sciences: Pathway to the Deep Secrets of the Universe

Dr. Gennady Shipov (Russia)- New Scientific Paradigm and Breakthrough Technologies

Dr. Martin Ramirez (Spain)- Science, Peace and Security: My Personal Journey Spanning Half a Century

Dr. Yoshiyuki Amemiya (Japan)- Science and Values: Overall View of Science and the Ideals of Human Civilization

Dr. Ngatu Roger Nlandu (D.R. Congo)- Effects of Ambient Air Pollution on Human’s Respiratory Health: An Environmental Health Perspective

Dr. Lee Soo-Wohn (Korea)- Global Water Problems

Section 2: A Vision for World Peace

Prof. William D. Lay (USA)- Judicial Recognition of Fundamental Rights: Human Security Considerations

Dr. Dr. Thomas Ward (USA)- Reverend Moon’s Contribution to the End of the Cold War and a Vision for World peace

Mr. Bill Gertz (USA)- The Washington Times and the End of the Cold War

Hon. Dr. Werner Fasslabend (Austria)- New Challenges Need New Identities

Dr. Emmanuel Dupuy (France)- A Vision for World Peace: Regional Perspectives in the Europe - Africa Region

Dr. Rima Salah (Jordan)- Global Vision for Peace: A Participatory and Integrated Approach

Hon. Erna Hennicot-Schoepges (Luxembourg)-Civilization for Peace

Prof. Joseph Dunne (USA)- The Role of the Adversary System in Human Security

Prof. Cole Durham (USA)- The Contributions of Religious Civil Society to the Rule of Law

Section 3: The God Conference and God as the Parent of Humankind

Dr. Frank Kaufmann (USA)- Reverend Moon’s Influence on Religion in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Dr. Charles Selengut (USA)- Interfaith Encounters: Debating, Dialogue and Dining

Dr. Jason Wasden (USA)- The Theology of a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Regarding our Heavenly Parents

Dr. Cheryl Lau (USA)- World Theology and the Emergence of the Pacific Rim Culture

Dr. Martin Ramirez (Spain)- Science, Peace and Security: My Personal Journey Spanning Half a Century

Prof. Ben Pazi (Israel)- True Dialogue in an Era of Synthetic Conversation: Religious Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence

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